Happy New Year

This time last year, we were clinking champagne glasses in the Montmartre neighborhood of Paris, unaware of all the adventure 2017 would bring. We accomplished a lot this year: Mark planned and carried out a comprehensive tour of cities around England, and Avery filled three days as a tourist in New York City and successfully executed a surprise visit to see Mark in the U.K.

Together, we trained for and completed our first multi-day bike tour (nearly 300 miles from York to Edinburgh), visited new cities in Europe and the U.S., and vacationed successfully with our families. We also decided to start publicly chronicling our travels on this blog, and are excited to fill our website with plenty of travel tips, photos, and stories in the new year.

365 days and thousands of miles later, we are looking forward to 2018, and setting some New Year’s Resolutions to make the most of our travel time this year:

Be a better documentarian

We carry practically unlimited photography capability and storage in our pockets– This year, let’s take more pictures of our surroundings, everyday objects, candid photos of travel companions, and try our best to capture all the unposed moments of our trips. Let’s also learn more about photo composition and editing to preserve our memories in the highest-quality possible.

Seek out adventure close to home

We both live in places that are tourist destinations in their own right. Since we can’t realistically travel across the world as often as we’d like, let’s make an effort to visit more local attractions on weekends and treat our homes like we would treat a trip to a new country.

Be more efficient where it counts, less where it doesn’t

Instead of sporadically trying to save money and time wherever we can, let’s be more deliberate about where we cut corners and where we indulge. For example, consciously saving and budgeting for travel and accommodation–better research could help us score cheaper flights or hotels, rather than assuming AirBnB and a budget airline will always be the best options.

Let’s also let go of the need to pack “perfectly.” So much travel stress can come from overthinking whether we’ve packed exactly the right pair of socks. Not that we should be careless and forget our phone chargers, but let’s learn to better trust our instincts about what to bring and not cause undue panic about leaving a sweater behind.

Live in the moment

This is something we can always work on, but is especially relevant while traveling. Let’s enjoy the moments spent moving between attractions, let go of anxieties about not seeing everything in one weekend, and savor good weather when we have it. Let’s also make an effort to meet more people while traveling and make lasting connections with new friends around the world.

What are some of your travel-related resolutions for 2018?

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